Watch this 7 part series featuring Dr. Rick Timbs. These videos, produced by Aaron Cagwin of Capital Region BOCES Communications Services, give a visual breakdown of the inequities in funding for public education. The videos have been posted to YouTube.

Part 4

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Why is the Property Tax Cap not a solution for New York? Watch this 7 minute video which was produced to show the problems the Tax Cap will cause and potential solutions. The video also compares wealthy versus poor school districts and shows the inequity created by the State's distribution of aid.

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Education Speaks: Unfair distribution of aid 'in a nut shell'. This video, featuring Dr. Riok Timbs, explains the problem with the Governor's budget when it comes to the distribution of State Aid throughout New York State.

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Watch a Video Blog from Rick Timbs previewing 2012. This is the first in a series of video blogs from Dr. Timbs in an effort to keep everyone on track for the Legislative session.

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Watch this commercial, warning of the NYS Tax Cap

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