Student and Stakeholder Advocacy Videos


Videos can be a highly effective advocacy tool!

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These videos, created by students, school district leaders and stakeholders, make COMPELLING CASES for a "level playing field'' in public education funding in New York State. Do you have an engaging and compelling video to share? Email us by clicking here.

Video 1: A student collaboration from Unatego Central School District that addresses the NYS budget crisis.

Featuring the song, "Dare You To Move"

by Switchfoot

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Video 2: Inequity in School Aid: 'This affects me'

Susannah Sudborough and a group of her fellow students at Canton High School wrote, directed, filmed and edited this video as part of an independent project. It takes a satirical look at a serious subject -- inequity in state aid to low wealth schools -- and it packs a powerful message.

"...This is an extremely pressing and serious matter... Many consequences we have talked about in this video are likely possibilities for school next year...every kid should be able to get a good education, no matter where they live or how poor their area is. ... Help our voices be heard... This isn't just something that affects the teachers. This affects ME. ... This affects US!''

Susannah said she said she spent a “couple of afternoons working on the script with her classmates, another month filming the video and a couple of days on editing.” She decided on inequities in state education aid as a topic because she believes students need to understand how loss of aid affects them directly AND address it in their own words and on their own terms.

She said that she and her classmates are deeply concerned about future generations of Canton students, whose educational opportunities are drying up. "The programs being cut are the ones that put kids on career paths such as art, music, drama, tech, agriculture and many others,'' she said. "A valuable education is one of the only ways to get good opportunities to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable person.''


Elizabeth Ruddy: "Educate Me"

Elizabeth Ruddy is a graduating senior at Madrid-Waddington High School in Northern New York. She was a featured speaker at a recent 'Save Our Schools' rally where she delivered a very powerful speech entitled, "Educate Me."

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A Student's Point of View



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