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SSFC 4 Point Plan - New York State can no longer pass the buck


  1. The State must freeze wages for all public school employees when state aid is frozen or reduced.
  2. The State must cap the amount a school district can spend on health insurance and require employees to pay a larger share of their health insurance costs. 
  3. The State must enact a new major pension reform and require public employees to contribute significantly more toward their pensions.
  4. The State must reduce the costs of special education by bringing New York’s regulations into conformance with federal guidelines. 

  5. View SSFC Four Point Plan

    Download:  Media Packet "SSFC 4 Point Plan" sent to upstate legislators


Initial response of the SSFC to the Governor's Proposed Executive Budget

  • The school aid cut is significantly larger than we had expected..... [Read more]
  • We are very disappointed the Governor did not propose significant cost reductions for school districts..... [Read more]
  • Upstate legislators of both parties need to recognize the inequity of these cuts and take appropriate action to prevent them from occurring
    [Read more]


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